Below are descriptions of our initiatives here at Tiger Institute. The graphic below shows how these initiatives relate to our goal of iconic status.


Core IT

Our diverse associates are responsible for the information technology for MU Health Care. Our Project Management team pulls together experts and stakeholders to deliver on strategic initiatives. The ITWorks Applications, Technology, Device Integration, and Clinical Engineering teams deliver new technologies and support our clinical and administrative partners. The Business Intelligence team supports day-to-day operations and quality initiatives with data through scorecards and dashboards.


Our Innovation at the Edge and Living Lab teams deliver innovations that clinicians use to improve care. Our software engineers and architects work closely with MU Health Care clinicians to enhance the EHR solutions and improve clinician workflow. The teams extend the features, functionality, and usability of Cerner’s current platforms or develop novel solutions as we identify needs.

Population Health

Our Population Health team partners with MU Health and their affiliates to improve the health and care of Missourians while lowering overall health care costs.

Using advanced population health analytics, we are identifying opportunities to improve health outcomes and costs across various patient populations. Tying this back to point of care tools allows us to maximize performance in a growing number of value-based programs. Furthermore, we are leveraging technology to support the new care models needed to produce higher value care and succeed in a changing reimbursement environment.

Regional Operations

Our Regional Operations team is building and supporting a provider network of affiliates and referring providers across the community, region, state, and nation to achieve Triple Aim objectives and improved transitions across the continuum of care. We are supporting this network through advanced electronic medical records, population health, and interoperability platforms.

To accelerate technology adoption with affiliates, we are removing upfront technology costs as a barrier to adoption and aligning incentives so all parties benefit when value is realized.

We are also developing innovative employer and payor programs to grow the patient populations served by MU Health Care and its affiliates in a value based manner.


The Tiger Institute represents the shared vision of the University of Missouri Health Care System and Cerner. This vision was materialized in the goals jointly developed to align the strategic missions of both organizations. By melding the goals of each organization into a single, unified set, we’ve brought both visions together onto the same path to create a better future for the health of Missourians. These goals were designed to be results-oriented and the Tiger Institute’s roadmap is designed to drive and track progress towards those results.



Patient Experience
Provider & Caregiver Experience
Maximize Value
Support the Continuum of Care
Health & Care of Populations
Leverage Data
Discover Insights
Create Innovations