Oct 21

How do patients share their information with Tiger Institute Health Alliance members and partner health care organizations?

10/21/13 | Provider FAQ

Once notified by your office that you are participating in the health information exchange, nothing is required by patients who wish to participate because they are by default opted-in.  If they do not wish to participate, you will need to have them complete an opt-out form (paper or electronic).  Patients should understand that if they opt-out of the health information exchange they will limit your ability to provide the best possible care.  By opting out of the health information exchange they accept the risks associated with that decision.  Their health information will continue to be shared (without their specific authorization) among your providers and health plans through other means, such as mail, fax, or secure e-mail.  In other words, opting out of the health information exchange will not prevent you from seeing their complete medical record.