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May 31

RoomLink Go-Live

5/31/16 | Featured Event, May

RoomLink is the solution that places patient information outside the room and uses indicators from the EMR to replace paper flags for things like fall risks.  The solution is live on PCT Floors 5 and 8, and is being evaluated for expansion to all existing RoomLink devices at MUHC.

May 27

Completed IT Stand-Down for Green Meadows

5/27/16 | May

All IT equipment was removed from the Green Meadows complex.  That facility has been sold, and this was one of the significant steps to vacate the property for transfer from MUHC to the new owner.

May 17

FetaLink Upgrade

5/17/16 | May

Incremental upgrade to the FetaLink solution provided additional backend functionality to enhance efficiency of the system.

May 12

Wireless Controller Software Testing

5/12/16 | May

Completed testing of medical devices using WiFi to the extent possible.  The goal was to predict impact to devices from upgrading to the latest version of Cisco controller software for WiFi access.  On June 29, we will move the first set of facilities to the new software, putting MUHC on the very latest version.

May 12

UMHWireless II Migration

5/12/16 | May

Moved users from UMHWireless SSID to UMHWireless II.  This is part of a project to reduce the SSID’s (network names) on the WiFi to reclaim resources and efficiencies in the wireless network.