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Mar 31

Splunk Deployment

3/31/16 | March

Splunk is a logging tool used to detect among other things, anomalies in the way a server is accessed or utilized. This deployment placed Splunk on all server environments in the enterprise.

Mar 28

Windows 7 Upgrade Complete

3/28/16 | March

Windows 7 has been implemented as the primary workstation operating system across the enterprise. This is the most stable, supportable version of Windows available for use in the patient care setting.

Mar 24

TeraRecon thin client deployment

3/24/16 | March

TeraRecon is a post-image acquisition 3D processing application which layers 2D images captured from MRIs and CTs to produce a 3D image that can be manipulated and used by a physician for diagnostic interpretation. TeraRecon was only available on two PCs, “fat clients”, prior to the purchase of the thin client application, which enabled the application to be used on PCs across the health system. The thin client annual cost is $50,910 lower than the fat client annual cost, and the project will break even in year 2. Initially Syngo Via was expected to be eliminated at an annual cost reduction of $39,990, but it will continue to be used for dual energy CT exams, specifically for metal artifact reduction

Mar 23

Patient Health Scorecard Pilot Commences

3/23/16 | March

The Patient Health Scorecard leverages the HealtheIntent platform to show the patient’s progress against wellness and chronic condition management objectives. The pilot surveyed patients selected by Ambulatory Care Coordinators and Tiger Institute associates with primary care physicians and MU Healthe accounts. The majority of the pilot users found the scorecard easy to understand and believed it would help them understand conversations with care providers. Enhancement requests were incorporated into the version that went live in April.

Mar 23

NIH awards MU $1.5M

3/23/16 | March

NIH awards the University of Missouri a $1.5M training grant focusing on Massive and Complex Data Analytics Pre-Doctoral Training in One Health. Health Facts plays a key role in the funded proposal.