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Jun 20

Visit Itinerary Pilot Launched

6/20/16 | Featured Event, June

Our pre-visit planning tool, Visit Itinerary, was released to pilot users on June 20.  This release represents a significant step towards providing increased visibility to care providers as to what care their patients need today.  It also acts to significantly reduce the level of effort needed to manage those patients via the EMR.

Jun 20

MoodTrek iOS App Released

6/20/16 | Featured Event, June

Our depression treatment app, MoodTrek, was made generally available on Apple’s App Store on June 20.  Through this deployment, we have successfully expanded our potential MoodTrek footprint to over 90% of smartphone users.

Jun 12

Implemented Standalone Credit Card System for Cerner Retail Pharmacy

6/12/16 | June

Converted the existing Freedom Pay system used with the legacy retail pharmacy system to a standalone for use with the new Cerner Retail Pharmacy Solution.  This provides MUHC the ability to take payment via credit card for retail prescription medications pending new agreements with payment processor and bank.  This move was the final step to ensuring an on-time go-live for the Cerner solution.

Jun 8

First Successful Split of Nurse Call Feeds for AlertLink

6/8/16 | June

Permits flow of alerts from nurse call to both Ascom and to the Cerner iBus; this benefits MUHC by continuing the feed of secondary alerts to the Ascom phones while sending usable data to the iBus for reporting.  This is also a critical step to enabling the flow of alerts through Clairvia.

Jun 4

GE/IDX 6.0 General Release Upgrade

6/4/16 | June

The entire GE/IDX platform was upgraded to the general release version of the 6.0 code.  This was the final step in our 6.0 beta project with GE/IDX.