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Jan 29

GE/IDX Server load

1/29/16 | January

Working closely with the Server and IDX teams, Ancillary Applications expanded the footprint of servers publishing GE/IDX applications and reduced peak load by 30-50% per server.

Jan 29

Labor Benchmarking

1/29/16 | January

Jan 25

Phone Visits functionality in the patient portal

1/25/16 | January

In addition to office, messaging, and video visits, MU Healthe Patient Portal now offers phone visits. A patient can schedule a time to speak with their doctor on the phone to complete their visit instead of coming into the office for routine follow-up visits.

Jan 18

HCO Takeover

1/18/16 | January

InnovATE took over the ownership of the HCO services from Emma Coluccio-Ross’s (ITWorks Non-Cerner App Mgmt-MU) team. This allowed for consolidated ownership of the portal services and a faster turnaround time for issues pertaining to portal scheduling.

Jan 1

Alarm Management

1/1/16 | Featured Event, January

The Technology Team supported Nursing in producing the MUHC Alarm Management Plan to meet the Joint Commission deadline of January 1st. The plan encompasses management policies and processes for alerting staff to patient care issues, and seeks to reduce alarm fatigue by identifying the most critical alarms and eliminating distractions.