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Apr 3

Sterile Processing Instrument Tracking System Go-Live

4/3/17 | April, April

Apr 30

TheraDoc Outcomes

4/30/16 | April

TheraDoc Infection Control Assistant is an application that helps infection prevention teams identify and confirm valid healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in real time, spot trends, and simplify reporting. TheraDoc’s automation of data entry and regulatory reporting created efficiencies totaling over 40hrs per week. In spite of an increase in the quantity of regulatory reporting required infection control was decrease their FTEs by 0.6 equaling about $30,000 annually. Key benefits include cost savings from increased collections, reporting enhancements, and regulatory compliance.

Apr 25

Patient Health Scorecard Go-Live

4/25/16 | April

The Patient Health Scorecard is not the top link on the Health Record page for MU Healthe usersFeedback from our first users includes responses such as “I really liked knowing when my next screening was due.” “It’s easy to see the measures and nice to know how often things should be followed up on.”

Apr 25

Patient Assessment MPage Component Lookback addition

4/25/16 | April

The Patient Assessment MPage component was modified to allow the used to select a lookback range for results displayed within the component.


“This change may seem minor but it is very important to have current and therefore accurate information show in the widget.” -Helen Jankowski

“I have a lot of very happy nurses with this change. It reduces the amount of time they spend scrolling through outdated information and has made that section of the handoff much easier.” -Susan Asher

Apr 19

i2b2 Incorporates Additional Data

4/19/16 | April

Tiger Institute demonstrates to the Greater Plains Collaborative the incorporation into i2b2 of socio-economic data from the American Community Survey.