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Feb 25

Columbia Chamber of Commerce presentation

2/25/15 | February

Bryan Bliven represented the Tiger Institute at a Columbia Chamber of Commerce meeting on February 25, 2015.

Feb 19

Online Forms now available in MUHealthe patient portal

2/19/15 | Featured Event, February

Feb 19

Stacked barcode scanning begins

2/19/15 | February

Caregivers can now scan stacked Barcodes, which captures and stores the NDC, lot number and expiration date. This saves  nursing keystrokes and improves accuracy of information.


Feb 15

Alpha release of MoodTrek at Georgia Regents

2/15/15 | Create Innovations, Featured Event, February

Feb 12

Open Notes availability in MUHealthe covered by local and national media

2/12/15 | February

KRCG-13 and KIRX-1450AM covered the the story of Open Notes.  News also ran in Health IT Outcomes and Healthcare Informatics.