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Aug 7

New Physical Therapy Clinic

8/7/14 | August

The Physical Therapy Department expanded in 2014 by opening a new clinic on N Rangeline Rd in Columbia.  The Tiger Institute was responsible for all IT related needs for the building from workstation and projector installations to fiber connectivity with the City of Columbia.  The new clinic has seen extensive growth since the grand opening and continues to increase volumes month over month.

Aug 5

Online Forms Pilot Go-live in Patient Portal

8/5/14 | August, Featured Event

The first of many online forms is now available through the patient portal.  Medication reconciliation forms can now be completed by patients prior to their appointments, saving time and trouble in the office upon arrival.  This pilot is planned for 6 months.

Aug 1

TeleTracking Go-live at WCH

8/1/14 | August

Efficiency - LBTeleTracking’s Transport Tracking system is used by staff to request the transport of patients or supplies.

Previously staff had to call to page a transporter and the transporter would then call the requester back to get the details of the transport (who/what to be transported? From where? To where? Round trip? Etc)  With the new system in place, all of the current patients are in the system so requester just clicks the patient or item needed, clicks where the patient or item needs to go, and the system automatically pages the available transporter.  The transporters then can update the progress in the same system so the requester knows the status of their request.  This project was used as a QI project.