Mar 22

Support the Continuum of Care

3/22/17 | Goals, Newsroom, Support the Continuum of Care

Throughout their lives, individuals often require treatment in various care settings, and the care received is frequently provided at multiple health care organizations across various communities. To achieve the best health outcomes at the lowest possible cost, it is critical that providers throughout the continuum of care share relevant information in a timely manner among all participants concerned with the care of an individual.


Growing Value Across Venues

In 2016, we focused on growing the value of our own Tiger Institute Health Alliance (TIHA) health information exchange(HIE) through expanding data availability, identifying and supporting high value use cases, and making the HIE easier to use.

Adding new members and enhancements of sharing additional note types from members increased user engagement resulting in a 185% increase in HIE searches this past year.

Information Sharing Across the US

Through the Tiger Institute Health Alliance HIE, MU Health Care became one of the first Cerner clients to connect to the CommonWell Health Alliance national health information exchange network. The connection lays the foundation to obtain clinical information on patients directly from their providers throughout the country and will supplement the robust data already available in the TIHA HIE.

Image Exchange



Through the implementation of Life Image this year, we began exchanging images electronically with providers, eliminating the need for providers to burn images on CDs or for patients to remember to bring them to their appointment.

More importantly, the ability for receiving providers to have access to diagnostic quality images prior to seeing a patient, including emergency transfer situations, is now possible.

The results are decreased likelihood of duplicating imaging exams, and faster time to treatment for patients.

Looking Forward

  • Looking forward, we will focus on:
  • Creating the ability to import discrete data from external sources such as the TIHA HIE, CommonWell Health Alliance, and state immunization registries
  • Enabling referring providers to electronically order diagnostic tests
  • Creating the ability for images to be viewed within the TIHA HIE
  • Developing an event notification system that alerts providers when care is occurring in alternate venues on their patients
  • Facilitating transitions between additional venues of care
  • Promoting discharges from the hospital to appropriate venues of care.