Dec 11

RxStation Implementation

12/11/17 | Newsroom

With the aging Pyxis dispensing system, MU Health Care opted to undertake a system-wide replacement with the integrated RxStation solution. Beginning in August 2016 with the pilot, through August 2017, Tiger Institute completed the largest-to-date implementation of RxStation. Nine semi trucks delivered the components needed for customizable configurations across the health system.

Benefits to pharmacy include further decentralized dispensing of medications, automated reconciliation of controlled substances, and integration of formulary and patient management within the EHR. Pharmacy now offers more than 90% of available medications through the automated dispensing cabinets, compared to less than 40% with Pyxis, a 56% increase.  Medications filled at cart fill with Pyxis was at 42% and now has dropped to less than 5% with RxStation, an 89% decrease.

Nursing can now see the patient record and queued medications at the dispensing cabinet and have immediate access to verified medication orders.  They can queue up their medications from their workstation prior to approaching the cabinet, minimizing any wait times.  Nurses can also create any needed patient/drug labels at the station.