Dec 11

Improving Efficiencies

12/11/17 | Maximize Quality

Listening to our end users and working to improve efficiencies for them is another way we focus on continuous improvement.

Our Documentation Advancement Resource Team (DART) continues to work across specialties to streamline documentation and make the EHR experience more personal.

The team introduced the Workflow MPage and Dynamic Documentation (DynDoc). IT worked directly with the primary care providers to produce a more efficient and pleasant EHR experience.

As each provider proceeds through their customized specialty workflow, the page connects with DynDoc. This link allows clinicians to complete nearly all required documentation as a byproduct of the notes they make during the patient’s appointment.

Those providers who were willing to take the leap into a new documentation platform have seen dramatic decreases in after-hours documentation time as well as time spent per note while maintaining patient volumes.

Documentation time per patient decreased by a range of 18.3% to 46.7% across various groups, including family medicine, internal medicine and urology.

These efficiencies reduce the time doctors spend documenting outside hours, giving them more time with their families. The early adopters are down 43%, and family medicine providers decreased off hours documentation time by 57%

The DART team will continue to work with other specialty groups to achieve similar outcomes.