Dec 11

Easier Self-Enrollment

12/11/17 | Patient Experience

Advancements in portal technology continue to make it easier for patients to access their health care records.

A patient launches his or her account by matching name, date of birth, and phone number. Then the portal sends a verification key to the patient’s cell phone on record. Once the patient enters the confirmation key, they access their personal health information and begin taking a more active role in both health and care.

Enabling self-care

The framework below shows how the portal informs, engages, and empowers our patients and helps patients become partners with us in their health care and supports the community.

A diabetic patient can easily review when they last documented a vision check, a foot check, or had a Hemoglobin A1C test run and the result of that test. As time draws near for their next clinical exam, the patient can schedule an appointment using any computer or mobile phone. Patients can send and receive secure messages with their provider to ask and answer simple questions.

The portal is an indispensable tool for our patients and increases participation in their own self-care.

The patient portal is an important piece of patient engagement. Seeing your physician’s notes after a visit is groundbreaking, and it’s a huge step forward. Giving our patients easy access to their own health information helps create engaged and loyal patients.

Kevin Gwin

Chief Patient Experience Officer