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MU Healthe patient portal improves patient experience and engagement

7/1/15 | Newsroom, Patient Experience

At MU Health Care we believe that a world-class patient portal is key to both promoting access and enabling patients to engage in their own health and care. By providing patients with access to a secure online portal, we can engage them, provide easy access to their health information and their providers, and create efficiencies in health care. This is the way we do business and it ultimately contributes to our organization’s “stickiness”– attracting and retaining patients through innovative services.

MUHeatheFeatures-July15To realize this vision, we have devoted our focus and resources over the past year to MU Health Care’s patient portal, MU Healthe. The response from patients is showing that our efforts are paying off. MU Healthe accounts continue to grow with more than 40,000 patients having an account, a 58% increase year over year.

Through the portal, we actively engage our patients through provider’s notes, online forms, patient-provider secure messaging, and by providing lab results. More than 70% of patients with a portal account are logging in to MU Healthe within 30 days of an office visit.

  • OpenNotes — This initiative calls for health systems across the nation to provide patients with online access to their clinicians’ notes. On January 6, 2015, MU Health Care became one of only 20 organizations in the nation to join the OpenNotes movement and officially provide that online access. There are now more than 165 different types of notes patients can view in MU Healthe. Through OpenNotes, we give patients a tool to revisit recommended steps and review treatment plans as documented by their provider.MUHEALTHEACCOUNTS-junly15
  • eClipboard — In a limited rollout at seven participating primary care clinics, patients now have the option to fill out medication history ahead of their appointment, reducing the amount of time and paperwork the patient must complete during a visit. More than 6,500 patients were prompted to fill out this form in the first half of 2015. Participation by qualified patients has been rising steadily, going from 11% in January 2015 to 28% in March, and 30% in June. Online forms also may help eligible providers meet Meaningful Use metrics for secure, clinically relevant messaging with patients.
  • Messaging — The number of messages that patients send to providers through MU Healthe continues to grow each month, with providers now receiving nearly 7,000 monthly messages from patients.
  • Lab Results Viewing — The number of lab results viewed in MU Healthe has never been higher, with patients viewing the results page in MU Healthe close to 23,000 times per month.

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