Jul 2

MU Healthe patient portal improves patient experience and access to services and care

7/2/15 | Newsroom, Patient Experience

Tools in the portal, like appointment scheduling and virtual visits, give our patients quick and easy access to our services and care.

  • Scheduling appointments — Patients continue to take advantage of the online appointment scheduling that MU Healthe offers. They can search for appointments with the specialty and the provider that they want and book the appointment which best fits their schedule. Now, nearly 500 new appointments are scheduled each month through MU Healthe. The no-show rate for appointments scheduled through MU Healthe is 5% — less than half the rate for traditionally scheduled appointments.
  • MUHealthe-sched-2015Virtual visits — We continue to pilot scheduled video visits and asynchronous messaging eVisits with plans to expand the provider base to encourage wider
    adoption. For example, the Department of Dermatology will soon have all of its providers available for patients to select for eVisits. With this technology,
    our providers can provide faster care to patients and keep clinic appointments open for patients who truly need to see the provider in person.Video visits are now embedded in the HealtheLife app for outpatients and the PowerChart Touch Ambulatory app for providers. The video visit can now be 100% mobile for portal account holders that have an Apple iPhone.


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