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Depart Medication Education

Depart Medication Education provides a single location in the EHR where a clinician can view the patient’s inpatient and home medications, match them appropriately, and identify the date/time of the last dose given.  Much of this is automated, such as matching the medications and providing the last dose date and time.  This information then populates the depart summary so it is available to the patient upon discharge and recorded in the health record.

The goal of this project is to improve compliance with medication education at patient depart by automating the step to scan the handwritten notes shared with a patient into his or her EHR.

Update: November, 2015 – A little more than two months into the go-live, University Hospital (with MOI) is at 62% compliance, moving toward a goal that 90% of discharges will have the medication education completed. This up from 19.5% for the same time frame in October.