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10/20/14 | Create Innovations, Featured Posts, Newsroom

Innovation is a key focus of the Tiger Institute

We are developing new ways to transform the delivery of care. Our engineers and designers collaborate directly with physicians, nurses, researchers, and students.

Projects range from enhancing our EMR to developing unique innovations that can be marketed globally.

In 2014, we focused our innovations on creating e-visit technology, integrating calculators into the EMR, and developing a mental health consumer facing app, which were direct contributions to providing better care, better health and better value. We have summarized additional innovation accomplishments that we achieved this year.

Blood Pressure Percentiles Summary MPage Component

Blood Pressure PercentilesPhysicians identified a need to see the patient’s blood pressure percentiles in an easy to understand format. This is important because it allows the physician to identify patterns and make clinical decisions in minimal time, thereby optimizing physician time and improving the patient experience. The component was designed in direct collaboration with physicians in the pediatric, family medicine, and internal medicine departments at the University of Missouri.

CareView Tracking Board

Nurses working the floors at MUHC hospitals often face many challenging time pressures: patients’ needs, physician questions, day to day duties, and heavy case loads, to name a few.

The CareView Tracking Boards help nurses prioritize their time and improve patient care by providing a convenient, always-on window into patient status at-a-glance. Displayed on wall-mounted 42” touch screen monitors, nurses can quickly see which of their patients have STAT orders, new labs results, or special needs, all in a HIPAA complaint manner. The touchscreen provides the interaction necessary for a nurse to quickly filter down the patient list, display patients by status, service, or location, all without logging in to a computer.

InnovATE and Cerner’s DeviceWorks team developed the solution with input from the Department of Nursing. Medical ICU, Oncology, and Surgical Specialties units piloted the tracking boards for over a year. This pilot period has allowed the collaborating teams to fine tune and perfect the solution. It is now being rolled out broadly to every inpatient unit at University Hospital, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Missouri Orthopaedic Institute,and is generally available for all of Cerner’s clients.

Framingham Risk Summary Mpage Component

The Framingham Risk Score is a sex-specific algorithm used to estimate the 10-year cardiovascular risk of an individual. Our calculator runs the model with data from the chart. This is important because it allows the physician to identify patterns and provide recommendations to patients to improve their health, thereby optimizing the patient experience and providing a dialogue between the physician and patient. The component was designed in direct collaboration with physicians in the family and internal medicine departments.

ACS Calculator

The ACS (Acute Cardiac Syndrome) Calculator is a collection of 3 predictive models targeting the risk of heart attack. They are designed to alert a physician to the possibility of a patient dying due to heart attack while an inpatient, or within 6 months of discharge, so appropriate measures can be taken. Additionally, the calculators provide talking points for physicians with their patients about lifestyle choices and the impact they have on heart attack risk.


Care teams at MU Health Care are constantly on the move. Recognizing a need for users to easily transition between different security positions, the InnovATE team, Nursing Leadership, Physician Leadership, and the local Clinical Applications Team collaborated on a new PowerChart MPage. Leveraging existing role type functionality, the MyExperience MPage provides the ability for providers to quickly change their security position. MyExperience offers users the chance to define their starting Organizer and Chart level tabs and the number of charts that they can open concurrently.

Pain Management Summary MPage

The Pain Management Summary MPage was developed at MU as a support tool for clinicians to help manage patient’s pain more effectively. In collaboration with the Pain Management Committee and several pilot physicians, the InnovATE team developed this MPage to provide a scrolling 12 hour view of pain related nursing documentation, meds administration, pain score graph, and vital signs. With this pertinent clinical information in one place, care providers can more easily make informed decisions regarding administration of analgesics and non-pharmacological interventions, and improve patients overall satisfaction with the way their pain is managed.

Online Forms Pilot

Online Forms allow patients to complete required medical reconciliation documentation prior to their visits. The forms are automatically sent to the patient through the Patient Portal based on appointments scheduled. Completed forms are delivered to the provider’s inbox in Message Center for review and the information is automatically applied to the Medication History form in PowerChart.MU Healthe Medication

Innovating Mental Health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four adults experiences mental illness in a given year and adults living with serious mental illness die an average of 25 years earlier than other Americans, largely due to preventable medical conditions.

Because of these facts, the journey to lower health care costs and to create a healthy Missouri cannot afford to ignore mental illness. While there is broad recognition of this problem, there remains an imbalance in supply and demand. While the demand for psychiatric-related services has grown tremendously over the past decades, the corresponding supply of providers — especially in the rural, low income areas, has not.

innovating Mental Health

At the Tiger Institute, we believe we can improve the communication between patients and providers, while also expanding the impact of a single care provider. Through the development of MoodTrek, an innovative consumer smartphone app, the care team gains a depth of knowledge into their patients’ shifting moods, activity, sleep, and experiences at a glance. This level of insight can help providers regulate medications, make treatment changes, and focus on the right issues, rather than just the most apparent ones.

MoodTrek helps providers be confident that they are giving their patients the right medication at the right dose to reach therapeutic levels more quickly, while also allowing them to focus on patients who need the most assistance. This improved ability to triage care allows the rest of the care team to meet the needs of the patient for whom they are best suited.

For many patients, efforts to manage physical health may not be successful unless they can first achieve good mental health. Through new tools like MoodTrek, we seek to empower both our patients and our care teams in achieving better health.

The Tiger Institute has been invited to showcase MoodTrek during a presentation at the American Psychiatric Association’s leading educational conference for public, community, and clinical psychology. Hosted in San Francisco, the Institute on Psychiatric Services garners a crowd of over 1,500 mental health professionals from across the nation.

Join Clayton Hicklin, Sr. Manager – Tiger Institute Innovations, at the Cerner Health Conference for his presentation entitled Innovating at the Edge: How to Take an Idea to the Next Level on November 3, 2014 at 3:30PM