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Dec 29

SLXN Spacelabs Rollout Completed at University Hospital

12/29/14 | December, Featured Event

Efficiency - LBSLXN Spacelabs is a two-way interface between Spacelabs patient monitors (which display the patient’s physiological data such as heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, etc.) and the patient’s medical record — Cerner Millennium. Added functionality through SLXN allows for a simplified admission and discharge process for nursing resulting in a reduction in potential patient-to-device association errors and increased efficiency. Nurses no longer have to associate devices in two places.

Rollout plans for MOI and WCH continue through early 2015.

Dec 20

eSignature Pilot at MOI

12/20/14 | December

Dec 20

Pyramid Home Health Joins TIHA

12/20/14 | December

Dec 16

Bridge Transfusion Go-Live

12/16/14 | December

Dec 15

Citrix Receiver Pilot Go-Live – MOI

12/15/14 | December

The University of Missouri Health System and the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation are undergoing a transition from the MyApps program to Citrix Receiver for access to applications throughout the health system.  The Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, MOI was our initial location to go live with the new technology and move 100% away from MyApps in December of 2014.  The continued phased/targeted approach for converting to Citrix Receiver will continue on into 2015.

Nov 25

Work Together, Walk Together Grudge Match Ends With More Than 1.5B Steps

11/25/14 | Featured Event, November

WTWTGraphicSquareWith 464 teams and 2,113 individuals competing the the Work Together, Walk Together Grudge Match steps challenge, MU Health Care players took more than 1.5 billion steps towards better health.

Nov 20

FetaLink Upgrade

11/20/14 | November

Nov 17

3M Chart Release Go-live

11/17/14 | November

Primary Goal:  Leverage data to identify trends, improve processes, and assess outcomes

Primary Goal: Leverage data to identify trends, improve processes, and assess outcomes

3M Chart Release is used by MU to meet request for information mandates in the health information management department (Medical Records).  The previously used system was retired by the supplier.

Nov 13

Mitch Wasden presents at Cerner Health Conference

11/13/14 | Featured Posts, Newsroom

On Nov. 2, Mitch Wasden, EdD, chief executive officer and chief operating officer of MU Health Care, presented at the Cerner Health Conference Sunday night general session to an audience of more than 5,700 attendees.  He discussed why patients need to be at the center of everything we do and how the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation is helping MU Health Care in this critical component of patient engagement.  Watch his presentation here and understand why this is so important for the future of health care and improving the health and care of patients across Missouri and ultimately everywhere.

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Nov 12

Upgrade to Cerner Millennium 2015.01

11/12/14 | Featured Event, November

University of Missouri Health Care upgraded code to the new Cerner Millenium 2015.01 release.