Aug 17

MUHC Ambulatory sites attain HIMSS Stage 6

8/17/13 | Delivering Results, Newsroom

The following 44 ambulatory care sites received HIMMS Stage 6 in the HIMSS Ambulatory EMR Adoption Model.
  1. Cardiovascular Clinic Columbia, MO
  2. Columbia Facial Plastic Surgery Columbia, MO
  3. Cosmopolitan International Diabetes & Endocrinology Center Columbia, MO
  4. Ellis Fischel Hematology & Oncology Clinic Columbia, MO
  5. Ellis Fischel Radiation Oncology Columbia, MO
  6. Ellis Fischel Surgical Oncology Columbia, MO
  7. ENT & Allergy Center of Missouri Columbia, MO
  8. General Internal Medicine – Fairview Columbia, MO
  9. General Internal Medicine at University Physicians – Woodrail Columbia, MO
  10. Green Meadows Family Practice Clinic Columbia, MO
  11. Green Meadows Pediatrics Columbia, MO
  12. Mason Eye Institute Columbia, MO
  13. Missouri Bariatric Services Columbia, MO
  14. Missouri Center for Female Continence & Pelvic Surgery Columbia, MO
  15. Missouri Center for Maternal/Fetal Medicine & Ultrasound Columbia, MO
  16. Missouri Digestive Health Center Columbia, MO
  17. Missouri OB/GYN Associates Columbia, MO
  18. Missouri OB/GYN Associates at Smiley Lane Columbia, MO
  19. Missouri Occupational Injury Center Columbia, MO
  20. Missouri Orthopaedic Institute Columbia, MO
  21. Missouri Psychiatric Center Columbia, MO
  22. Pediatric Cardiology Clinic at Children’s Hospital Columbia, MO
  23. Pediatric Specialty Columbia, MO
  24. Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Columbia, MO
  25. University Physician’s Dermatology Clinic Columbia, MO
  26. University Physicians – Callaway Fulton, MO
  27. University Physicians – Fayette Medical Clinic Fayette, MO
  28. University Physicians – Green Meadows Adult Psychiatry Clinic Columbia, MO
  29. University Physicians – Keene Family Medicine Clinic Columbia, MO
  30. University Physicians – Smiley Lane Columbia, MO
  31. University Physicians – Woodrail Columbia, MO
  32. University Physicians Dermatology – Victoria Park Columbia, MO
  33. University Physicians Dermatology Clinic – Jefferson City Jefferson City, MO
  34. University Physicians Eye Institute – East Columbia, MO
  35. University Physicians Interventional Pain Medicine Clinic Columbia, MO
  36. University Physicians Neurology Clinic Columbia, MO
  37. University Physicians Surgery Associates Columbia, MO
  38. University Physicians Urgent Care Columbia, MO
  39. UP ENT – Otolaryngology Columbia, MO
  40. UP Medicine Specialty Clinic Columbia, MO
  41. UP Surgery Center Columbia, MO
  42. UP Urology Clinic Columbia, MO
  43. Women’s Health Center Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Columbia, MO
  44. Woodrail Immunology Clinic & Center for Rheumatic Diseases Columbia, MO