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Aug 20

Mobile Imaging Pilot

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Aug 18

Nursing Tracking Board Phase II

8/18/13 | 2013, August, Timeline

Aug 18

Advancing EMR Adoption

8/18/13 | Create Innovations, Newsroom

Primary Goal:  Maximize quality

Primary Goal: Maximize quality

At University of Missouri Health System, we strive to maximize quality by using technology as a strategic enabler.Thus, our health information technology system helps us deliver the highest level of quality and safety of care.This approach helped us earn recognition from the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics as a Stage 7 facility on November 2012 — an honor received by the top 2% of all U.S. hospitals.

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Aug 17

MUHC ambulatory clinics attain HIMSS Stage 6

8/17/13 | 2013, August, Featured Event, Timeline

Learn more about EMR Adoption here.

Aug 17

My View go-live

8/17/13 | 2013, August, Timeline

Aug 17

MUHC Ambulatory sites attain HIMSS Stage 6

8/17/13 | Delivering Results, Newsroom

The following 44 ambulatory care sites received HIMMS Stage 6 in the HIMSS Ambulatory EMR Adoption Model.
  1. Cardiovascular Clinic Columbia, MO
  2. Columbia Facial Plastic Surgery Columbia, MO
  3. Cosmopolitan International Diabetes & Endocrinology Center Columbia, MO
  4. Ellis Fischel Hematology & Oncology Clinic Columbia, MO
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Aug 14

PowerTrials go-live

8/14/13 | 2013, August, Timeline